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    Hello, my name is Suzy Wirthlin, fully licensed massage therapist with nearly two decades of professional experience. Since 1993, I have delivered various techniques for reducing stress and fatigue while improving blood circulation and overall body wellness.

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    Massage is one of the oldest healing techniques. Your place for body care, relaxation and stress relief in Irvine, CA is called An Angel’s Touch. Call me for an appointment and get the healthcare and relaxing experience you have always wanted!

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“Improving Your Health, Mood and Life”

Massage Benefits and Techniques

  • Massage BenefitsAs an experienced Massage Therapist, I am eager to customize a massage based on your specific needs and complaints. Every day more and more people discover the benefits of massage as a relief from a medical condition or to replace stress with body wellness and happiness.

    Massage is one of the finest non-pharmacological ways to prevent and treat injuries and diseases. Whether you have some sort of chronic condition, muscle pain, stiffness, stress accumulated aches and pains or high blood pressure, a massage can make a world of difference. And even if you don’t have any medical issues, a massage can make your day, make you feel comfortable, reduce tension, restore the body and revive the mind.

  • Massage Techniques Massage is a mixture of science, healing and art. For over 20 years, I have been helping people make massage an essential part of their well-being and healthy lifestyle. My clients get individual, professional care adapted to their individual needs and concerns. As a certified therapist, I know every person has their own health issues and that is why I will determine the most suitable therapy for you. I use various techniques to lighten the pain and break up tension in your muscles.

    We offer Swedish Relaxation, Soft Touch, Shiatsu, Therapeutic, Deep Tissue, Hot Stone, Sports Injury and Medical Massage. We specialize in Back, Neck, Shoulder Pain and Stress Relief. We also offer Couples and Out Call Massage – just call for an appointment.